About Us

About Us

GREAT BC FISHING - Salmon, Halibut and more!

Our number one priority at Slam Bang Lodge is to ensure our guests capture the ultimate fishing and eco adventure experience Vancouver Island has to offer.


2018 Message from the Owner, Scott Porter

Fishing in Kyuquot

The untouched waters in Kyuquot Sound are very productive with consistent catches of 35 – 80 lbs Halibut and more all season. We provide you with fully guided fishing- our experienced and seasoned fishing guides are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. One of our guest favourites is Jim- he works for us every season and is a  knowledgeable guide who provides a friendly and professional experience.

Guides can tell you exactly where to drop a line for the Giant West Coast Salmon, Halibut or a tasty Cod. There aren’t there to catch fish FOR you, but to GIVE you a unique opportunity to catch your very own fish. Most importantly- no previous experience is needed! We have several fishing boats and take no more than two people out per boat - this allows one on one directed instruction and the best chance at getting a catch (we are happy to accommodate three people per boat if you prefer).

Additionally, we process your fish with our commercial vacuum sealer and freeze and package for your transportation home. Or, you can take it back to the cabin and fry it up for dinner that night. More information about that process here.


  • Spring Salad

Our beautiful resort location is famous for Salmon and Halibut fishing- that is why we love it here

The West Coast is a tranquil environment, every year millions of salmon travel through our area to stop and enjoy the vast amount of feed our waters provide. The unique marine topography here allows the fish to stay amongst the continental shelf.  Kyuoquot Sound is situated perfectly along the migration path of the Chinook Salmon (Kings) and Coho Salmon (Silvers) heading south. The large outcropping of the Brooks Peninsula ensures the fish stay in the area to feast during the summer Both off shore and inshore fisheries are possible and productive because our local guides know where to go and when to be there. If you want to have a quiet day there are short hikes available to the five lakes on the island for amazing trout fishing.